MONO (03/02/2012)

Geplaatst op: 01/02/2012 door DJ Snef in Aankondigingen
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The second installment is here! MONO presents another night filled with electronic, experimental music being performed by various local and national dj’s/performers.

When will this all take place? The 3rd of february, 2012.
Where will this all take place? The BG-22-24 (

By now you should know what we do: expect to be hit over the head with Sines, Squares, Saws & Triangles! Synths & drums will be going all over the place and at least 70 Beats Per Minute will come your way if you don’t duck.

Entrance is only 5 euro’s. We start at 21.00 and you’re pretty much set from that moment on.

Check out our line-up:

– Men Of Mega (Producers, These guys produce and perform music consisting of STRICTLY 8BIT sounds, straight out of the Nintendo & Gameboy systems!

– Cremedelacrack (Producer -Emoce- & Dj -Daymnwell-, A dynamic blogging duo who will be Dj-ing and performing a live set filled with off-beat, out of tune, soulful, but HARD-HITTING BEATS.

– Snef (Dj, Resident Dj. Plays various styles of electronic and futuristic music as long as it has a certain soulful feel to it while scoring an A+ for headnod-factor and maybe a solid B for danceability.. BEATS, SKWEEE, ELECTROFUNK, GLITCH, AQUACRUNK, WONKY & FUTURE SOUL.

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