Geplaatst op: 13/06/2012 door DJ Snef in Aankondigingen
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MONO once again presents a night filled with electronic, experimental music being performed by various local and national dj’s/performers.

-When will this all take place? The 15th of june, 2012.
-Where will this all take place? The BG-22-24 (

And this is what we’re doing: expect to be hit over the head with all different types of WAVE-forms, glitches and chords. Synths & drums will be going all over the place and at least 70 Beats Per Minute will come your way if you don’t duck!

Entrance is still 5 euro’s (no pre-sale). We’ll start at 21.00 and you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a good night after that.

Check out our line-up:

– Julien Mier (Producer, The eclectic and washed out collision of musical genres, as he adequately describes his music himself, is what we fell for when we first listened to this guy. Already being featured on blogs like, we are proud that he wants to come bless us at MONO with WARM, MELODIC SOUNDSCAPES that will blow our minds.

– Boska (Producer, Funny to have people performing who started out as one of the crowd. Boska has visited the MONO evenings often and now will be at the OTHER END OF THE DEAL. We follow his blog BEATHEADS.NET obsessively and we’re really curious te hear what he comes up with this time!

– Toff (Dj, This LOCAL YOUNG GUY that we can only describe in Dutch as ‘gretig’ has a great ear for dope sounding stuff and is really working on becoming a better and more rounded DJ in the ‘bass’-area of music. This is what MONO stands for, getting the young guys to share the stage with more experienced artists, all getting inspired and learning from each other. Even tho’ this sounds a bit hippy-like, it’s the truth! He’ll play a 140-160 BPM BASS SET that will get you dancing for sure, so don’t hold back.

– Snef (Dj, Resident Dj for all MONO events. Snef will fill in all the blanks when it comes to what MONO is about so you never know what you might get. As long as it has a certain soulful feel to it while scoring an A+ for headnod-factor and maybe a solid B for danceability, it’s all good. Call it what you want: BEATS, SKWEEE, ELECTROFUNK, GLITCH, AQUACRUNK, WONKY or FUTURE SOUL, MONO’s about good, good music.

We’ll see you there! Drop us a note and don’t forget to attend the event here on facebook.

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